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I need info on Yale university?

Okay, I am a 13 year old girl in 8th grade. My parents have raised me to think a lot about college and to get a good college education when I finish High School. My first choice of a college is yale University. In my opinion, Yale i one of the top Universities in the world. How hard is it to get into Yale…So far I am a straght A student, a big reader, and I do many afterschool activities such as Piano, Soccer, Speech and Debate, Horseback Riding, and a few other things. When I go to college I want to get a double major in drama and _______. What things should I do during my high school years to ensure a chance of getting into Yale University? Thank You

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Yale actually does have a very good drama department, so you’re not off-base in considering it. However, as you’ve already been warned, admissions are very, very competitive. Unless you can distinguish yourself through exceptional talent or have family connections, you can spend your high school career working hard, get top-notch grades and scores, and still not make the cut. It won’t be because of anything you’ve done wrong; you’ll just be up against dozens of students as bright as you are, some of them with particular skills the admissions committee needs that year.

I’m not telling you all this to discourage you from trying, simply to encourage you to keep your expectations realistic. Continue to pursue the activities you love and excel in challenging courses because they’ll help you no matter where the future takes you, and when college gets a little closer, start identifying a range of places where you’ll be able to pursue your goals and be happy.


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MM gave a very good answer, but as a current freshman at yale, i urge you not to think too much about college. finish middle school, think about high school, and when you get to your sophomore or junior year, then you can start thinking about college. it’s a bad idea to get too attached to a school before you know much about it and when it’s that far off. believe me, i had a very different idea of what i wanted from college when i was your age. so keep doing well in school, keep reading, do interesting things, and enjoy the schools you go to now instead of planning four years ahead.

best of luck.


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While Yale is certainly a reputable school, it may not be what you’re looking for, especially for undergraduate studies, which most Ivy League schools somewhat lack in. If you want to major in drama or other liberal arts, you may want to consider other schools.

You’re still young, but it’s never too early to start thinking about college.

Some good websites to get you started on your search:




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There’s only one thing you really need to get in there and that is to come from a family of old money with a lot of power (politically) , other than that you probly won’t get in.