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learning disability ?

my son has a learnign dissabilty

me and his father did to and we were in

special classes all day

the school says there is no more classes for

this and he was put out in the other ones

i had fights with the school over this

and they say the ssame thing to me

now he is fustrated and haveing trouble

doing the work

what else can i do ? can i send him to

another school?

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seek legal action because the school is suppose to make accommodation for you. The states that if any one has any kind of disability that that business or Establishment must make the appropriate accommodation.

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Perhaps you could have some of his friends who are not having difficulties tutor him. They will inadvertently teach each other things and both of their grades will improve. It will boost the self esteem of both the children as well. BTW the film new comer mentioned is “Forrest Gump” not Foster Gamb and it is a wonderful film about a boy who was handicapped both physically and mentally and overcame these to soar above and beyond the abilities of “normal” people.

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public schools are CORRUPT with special ed in schools. Not having enough room for him is NOT a legal reason for refusing special ed help.

You need to learn the federal specila ed laws called IDEA and follow the legal process. This gives you more rights and they can’t tell you ‘NO’ and brush you off. If you follow the laws, they will have to, too and this will cause them to step up and do something and not just ignore you.

Go to www.wrightslaw.com to learn the laws.

Go to www.schwablearning.org and sign up for free to post on their parent to parent message board and the great parents there can help you step by step.


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I guess yes, it will be better to deal with more understanding people. They may join him to a class of younger kids if they don’t have special classes.

Try to focus with him also on other abilities in his personality, to help him gain more self confidence.

Remember this beautiful film ; Foster Gamb. It is very inspiring.


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are you in the PISD.? the high schools in the PISD does not have Resource classes. all resource students are in Reg classes this year. next year they want to discounting Resource in the intermediate. these kids are going to be lost. they are already behind in their grade level. some teachers are against it too. parents in the PISD lets all get together…