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Any suggestions for software or DVD for kids with autism?

My boy is 5, diagnosed with autism at age 4. We are doing ABA therapy, partly doing supplements, on speech therapy. What else can we do ?

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Not sure on software, but my son loved this website and I think it’s really great for helping translate facial expressions. Only episode 1 appears on the website and the DVDs are available only in Britain so far.


I also just purchased a wonderful book on social stories called “The Social Skills Picture Book — teaching play, emotion and communication to children with autism” by Jed Baker PhD. Cheapest place I found it was Amazon.com.

Good luck!!!


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The baby bumblebee videos were great, they have both nouns and verbs, and I especially recommend the verb series. Also, there are some nice sign language videos called “signing time”, if you are using signs at all. (They were a lifesaver for my son, although he was a great talker he was not a communicator until we taught him a few signs with ABA)

Floortime is also good to look into. Dr. Stanley Greenspan has a few books and videos that can help you learn about it. That worked pretty well for us, even just to understand the approach and apply it while goofing around with him.

Are you doing enzmes or GF/CF? I found that to be the single BEST thing for helping with aggression and brain fog. The book “enzymes and autism” can be helpful there – I’ve done both methods, and the diet was hell on Earth, but it helped tremendously. The enzymes work just as well, happily. I literally don’t know how I would have survived without discovering them, they made THAT big a difference in his behavior and progress.

There is a new line of DVDs called “spectrum connections” that seem promising, as well. Also “Baby Babble” is a heavy favorite around here. It was created by speech therapists and really helps.


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I found these DVDs to be very helpful for my own child they are not cheap but as parents we do what ever we can. Try this website I think you will find it very informative. Because of the price call your local library and see if they are these DVDs available for rent so that you can try before you buy. Read the parents reviews hopefully you will find them to be encouraging

Hope this helps

Good Luck

Your Child with Autism Can Communicate

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I am Fast ForWord provider, which is an intense computer auditory processing program. A similar one, yet marketed differently is Earobics. These programs were designed for children who exhibit auditory processing issues, most often co-morbid with another diagnosis, such as dyslexia, ADD, CAPD, autism, and PDD. Check out their websites–there is a lot of information about auditory training on both of them.

Email me if you want more information about either of these programs. I’ll be happy to share what I can.


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I’ve had several kids enjoy the Special Kids series. They have DVDs/VHS on many different topics and are great for children with disabilities. “Animals, Birds, and Fish” was the #1 favorite with the kids at my school!



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