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How to make a sound proof room?

i am 22 years old and i really need a sound proof room because I have sensory integration disorder,and autistic characteristics, and ptsd, People are building by me and can’t stand this noise and fire works are going off and hate fire works, it hurts my ears, and upsets me.,i have mild mental retardation,deafness, and some other special needs.

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Acoustic tiling will keep the noises you make from going out of the room, but it won’t stop the noises coming into your room. The only thing I can think of is to buy sound cancelling headphones and wear them while the noise is going on. BOSE makes really good ones. Good luck!

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There are noise barriers — we use them in our counseling program so passerbys in the hallway can’t hear our voices. They are called Sound Machines I think. They are round, usually white in color, and have holes on the sides. I see them in stores like Target and Wal Mart, otherwise, online at an Office Max or Office Depot. They run around 40 dollars I think.

Otherwise, try headphones and your favorite music.

Or try the squishy ear plugs at night…the ones used for hunting. They just smoosh down, and you stick them in your ears, and then they expand.

Hope this helps.


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Hi mate,

If you can access the inside of your walls (between bricks and chipboard), you can buy soundproof carpets from music stores and even foams for the inside of the wall. I’ve also heard that egg cartons inside the walls work too.

Anyway mate, Have fun pulling your walls apart!


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Look up on google sound proof materials and then look for them ina near by store and buy em’.