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do u get a lot of offer teaching “privates” in japan? or do u need a speacial visa just to teach privates?

My husband and I plan to go to japan to teach but we need to save as much and as as fast as we can so he’d like to have extra income through “privates” if possible.I am a Filipino and English is my second language. I can speak English almost like a native english speaker and have been teaching English to Koreans, and other non-English students for ten years now, is it posible for me to have a teaching job in Japan? Filipinos are not allowed to teach English here in Korea though I think that i am very much qualified to do so.

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If you will be working for an English school, doing private tutoring on the side may be a violation of your contract. Many teachers do it anyway, but you could potentially get into trouble over this.

You can’t get a work visa just to do freelance private tutoring. You need to have a solid job offer already and an employer who will sponsor your visa.

When I was in Japan I received only two (unsolicited) offers to do private tutoring, but turned them both down because of my contract. And because I couldn’t stand the thought of using my free time to do exactly the same work as my full-time job!

Whether you would be able to get a job teaching English depends on the school’s policies. Many would not want a non-native speaker, but it may be possible for you since you have experience. Having test scores that prove your English ability would also be useful. You may have better luck at a small independent school than at one of the big English chain schools.


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