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san diego state university?

i live in england and wanna go to this school to get a bachelor in real estate/business is it a good idea???

will it be a respected degree for those real estate companies hiring??

i want a fun but valuable experience… as well as totally american will i be going to the right place???

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Sweet in Sichuan

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Party on Ellie!

San Diego is a great place to live and work or go to school.

SDSU is a great school. Their degree is very respectable.

California is a very expensive place to live.

By the way! If you are getting a degree in real estate, you don’t want to get a job in a realty office! You will get a 3% commission on your sales.

You want to become a real estate broker. Then you hire others to work in your office! You get a 3% commission from each one of the sales people working for you. That is where the money is!

🙂 Good Luck


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Well, San Diego is a great city, but I don’t know about for studying abroad. California is a great state for colleges, so maybe look around more and compare. I love living here in San Diego, but there might be a more suitable college for you.

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