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Story ideas for a children’s book?

I need to make a childeren’s book for ages 8-12 as an assignment for my English class, but I have NO idea what to write on. So any great story ideas for a children’s book?

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Kids that age like funny books. But don’t worry! You don’t actually have to have a great sense of humor! Try a funny situation. Things that come to mind right away:

A kid goes somewhere in pajamas (by mistake)

A family dog that will eat everything, but burps after every meal, and is just like the third-grade owner of the dog.

Try putting animals in funny situations. Its pretty easy. Just pick an animal that’s funny (like a goat). Then make the goat do something weird (like drive a car). Then just put the two together into a title: The Day my Goat Drove Grandpa’s Car.

You can also write a more serious book. If you do that, still make it somewhat lighthearted. What comes to mind is this book about a girl who decorates the subway station in her town with drawings. You can write the same sort of book by taking an ugly place, or something that needs to change, and having an elementary student change it. voila! A great idea for a book!

Good luck!


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The most important thing in writing is to write what you know. Think back to when you were a kid, what are some things that happened to you? What was important in your mind back then? Stories about overcoming problems are usually good. Did you have to deal with a bully growing up? How did you handle it? How did you WISH you had handled it? Did you have a favorite pet, or want one? Think back on something that you remember and care about, and use it as the basis for your story. If you can be passionate about it now, you can write about it and make others care about it as well.

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a narrative a pair of toddler who meets mosnters and could become buddies with them and daily she is going as much as the attic to communicate them and than they disappear and leave her consistently haha.