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What are the elements of a good lesson plan–high school?

I was asked this at an interview and I don’t think I told them what they wanted to hear. Also, what do they want to hear when they say, “Tell us about yourself.”?

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I usually use the STOMP method. S-Subject (I guess you don’t need this for HS, so it would be TOMP) T-Topic, O-Objectives – what are the students expected to learn, M-Materials-waht are the materials that you will need to do this lesson(I usually highlight this so I can see it at a glance), P-Procedure-these aree the step you will go through to teach the lesson I usually number these 1) 2) 3) I usually highlight this in a different color. Really the only 2 things I need are the materials and the Procedures. The other stuff is for adminstrators.

When they ask me to tell about myself, I usually say I am am married with a 14 yr old special needs child. This gives them a glance at my family life and will also tell them that I have experience with special ed. I then tell them what I do in my spare time or some type of hobby that I do which could be brought into the classroom. For example, I do theater, so I could bring that talent into the classrrom.