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What are the do’s and dont’s at job interviews????

What are the do’s and dont’s at job interviews????

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-do bring extra business clothes in your car in case something happens on your way there (better safe than sorry)

do remember your interviewer’s name. it does make an impact

-do have a few RELEVANT question ready when the interview concludes and the person asks “do you have any questions”

-do complete some research about your employer/hiring company/job you’re interviewing for beforehand

-do schedule yourself to show up at least 15 mins early. that way if you are early, it looks good, but if you run into traffic trouble, youll arrive on time

-do remain calm during the interview and have a solid handshake

-do listen to the question carefully

-do address ALL the interviewers if there’s more than one

-do stress your accomplishments, but dont exaggerate

-dont sit down until you’re offered a seat

-dont bring in any food

-dont start answering until the interviewer finishes asking the question

-dont lie if you really havent done something the question asks

-dont use alot of “uhs” and “ums”

-dont argue with the interviewer. i know this is a given, but dont try to prove your point so aggressively, you turn off your interviewer

-dont just answer yes or no. explain

-dont exaggerate

-dont speak about bad experiences voluntarily

GOOD LUCK! rememeber, if you honestly dont know an answer, it’s better to say so instead of making up something weird


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I’ll give you some don’ts….

don’t chew gum

don’t bite your nails or pay attention to them

don’t look at the time or your phone

don’t leave your ringer on your pbone

don’t say uh huh….or I don’t know – say yes or no….or I’d have to think about that….or I can get you that information later

don’t think of this person as your friend, even if you feel comfortable

don’t go unkempt…make sure you dress appropriately for the interview….if you’re not sure…post the question…first explain what type of interview it is for the best responses

don’t go unprepared…depending on the type of job…they may throw all types of crazy questions at you – go to

This article is about nonverbal communication and it has links at the bottom of the page to common interview questions. Good luck.



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Be honest. Be yourself for the most part. Don’t say anything that could possibly be seen as rude in any way.

….But check out Monster.com, they have a lot of advice about the whole job searching process and messages boards specifically about interviewing.


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Do: dress nice, stay calm, be honest

don’t: fidget, offer a sob story, try too hard.