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private school 9th grade and ive been in public like all my life?

also can i switch to private

i really want to go to nightingale-bamford if you heard of it

its in manhattan and is really good

but im in 8th just finished so is it possible for me to in 9th?

also how will it be different and class schedules and etc.?

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I have checked the Nightingale-Bamford school web site and I am very much impressed – and I have been an educator for over 40 years.

I see no reason why you could not make this transfer and your schooling would definitely be superior to public school. I would suggest, however, that you make an appointment with an admissions counselor at Nightingale-Bamford and ask him this question so you can be certain that you won’t have a problem in transferring.

You will find the classes more rigorous than at public school and you may feel a little “lost” at first but you will soon make friends who will be your friends for a lifetime.

You will be much better prepared for college and have a better chance for admission to a prestigious college from this school than from public school.



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I Kinda Know How You Feel. My Parent’s Aren’t Rich Either, But I’m Changing From Public To Private This September, Tips ? πŸ˜€ My Tips For You Would Be; Dont Expect Everywhere To be Clean, It’s Not, And People Always Find A Way Around The Uniform So On Your First Day Dont Do Up Your Blazer, Unless You See Everyone Else The Same. Dont Blend In And Clone Everyone, But Try Not To Stand Out Like A Black Sock In A White Wash πŸ˜› Just Lay Low Until You Know What’s What And Who’s Who πŸ™‚

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I switched to private during the eighth grade. The work was harder, the school itself was a lot safer. I learned a lot more there, and when I went to public school later, my classes were teaching material I already knew. It was a Lutheran school, and the “churchin-up” we got didn’t hurt either. Good luck!

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Most private schools,

you have to qualify for.

Credit wise, as well as grades.

The classes are much harder

and the homework is a lot heavier..

Research the school of your choice.

Most are on line. They are all pricey.

It’s worth it, if you can afford it.