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Dr. Evol

Is anyone else tired of those EdSoup Spammers?

I am so tired of those EdSoup e-people posting those advertisements on all of the higher education questions about finding a college… I just want to know if anyone else is tired of seeing those posts, or if it’s just me. I certainly won’t recommend their site to students or prospective students!

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Yeah just hit that Abuse button every time you see one. I did so for a user that I kept seeing use the same exact blurb and link on every question that he answered, and Yahoo seems to do a pretty quick job of canceling their accounts because I haven’t seen this user since.

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I haven’t seen the ads you’re talking about, but advertisements or solicitations are a violation of Yahoo Answers community guidelines, so if you’re concerned or bothered by it, hit the Report Abuse button.

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Absolutely! They are very annoying!