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duke t.i.p.?

will it increase my chance in being able to become excepted? if i join the duke t.i.p. summer program?

i have a b+ average so far from freshman and sophmore but hoping to get an a+ average in honors in english and in ap in history. my elective is indepentant studies, and web design. in sports i am soccer for 2 years. and i am in junior just sarted. in model un for 3 years and in school newspaper.

next year my elective will be psycology,economics,indepent studies and trying out for softball.

i want an person who went to to duke to give me an idea of how i can get in. because it will help me alot.

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Sarah B

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Just doing the Duke Talent Identification Program will not help much. Here are some websites that might help you understand more of what Duke wants:





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Good courses, just learn to spell.