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Please help me to explain this:: please please……

“it is essential that the student acquire and understan of likely feeling for values of a morally good,otherwise,he— with his specialzed knowledge more closely resembles a well trained dog than a harmoniously developed person”

———————Albert einstein

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You are a complete person because of who you are uniquely and not any specialist knowledge technical or otherwise thank you an important individual regardless of what others may say or personally do to you whether through words or actions loved and thought highly of and cared about

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a person needs to have good morals and values even if he’s a genuis because even if you’re smart with an acidic tongue, it isn’t very helpful. in fact it would work against you at all times.

would you like to employ a very talented assistant with a high level of education and a very haughty and insultive tongue?

or would you like a very smart and talented assistant with excellent morals and friendly character?

hope that answers your question!