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Bibliography help?

They’re all internet sites. On the paper I have it says to set it up as

this :

Weber, M. (1996, April 5). Jewish Soap, Institute for Historical review (On – line ), 3.

— (Insert Url here, Lol, it’s a broken link anyway)—

Like.. Could anyone tell me how to set it up, and where to find those things on the page? A website I used was http://www.gophertortoise.org/tortoise/facts.htm

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Rickie R

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a bibligrhy is to recognize the source of where you researched your info. So any phrases or info you used to write from you’d have to include the author, the year published an dname of the book. in this case, you’d just use the author, and url. Any if quoted then give line detail of where they can find the information they’ve just read.

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Ilan K

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