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Does London offer financial aid to international students?

I was thinking of going to graduate school for fashion in London, do they offer financial aid to Americans? Are they stingy like us? Over here if someone writes that they are making $50,000 per year on the FAFSA, they get squat for school. Is it the same over there?

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Unfortunately there is no financial aid available for international students wishing to study in the UK.

However it is possible for U.S Citizens to use a Federal Stafford Aid loan to cover the costs of undergraduate, graduate and non-degree studies in the UK, providing that the college or university that you wish to attend is approved by the US Department of Education for participation in this program.

For further information about this and the steps to apply visit the website below.



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I looked up the London cordon bleu on the FAFSA information superhighway internet site and that they are certainly not area of the U.S. federal help device. This leaves you with scholarships (unfastened money!) and private loans (severe priced money). comprehend that London is one in all of the main high priced cities in the worldwide to income in.