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Who is the best teacher for CPA exams? Becker CPA?

I’d like to ask everybody for comments see if you think Becker CPA still offer best reviews? I found it is so expensive and there is time limited for doing the HW, you cant keep doing the HW forever, the license will lock you out after certain point. I would like to know if you did try out other review courses and same quality as Becker? If not, I will just stay with Becker

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I am very familiar with Becker as I worked for them for 10 years but last year I switched to CPAexcel. I am extremely happy representing CPAexcel’s review course and I have no hesitation in recommending it to you, their web site is www.cpaexcel.com.

CPAexcel does not run live classes anywhere, even in the U.S. We believe that students get more benefit spending time studying rather than in traveling to a classroom. CPAexcel classes can be done online/offline from anywhere in the world, all of our students, except the self study ones, get instructor support and the benefit of communicating with other students.

CPAexcel teaching methods are quite different than Beckers, lessons are taught in 20-30 minutes sessions instead of 4+ hour classes. This is an extremely effective learning system, which has lead to a proven pass rate of 84%. I recommend that you take a couple of minutes and view the summary on how our course is structured as that might help you compare what we offer versus what Becker offers, this is the link http://media.cpaexcel.com/video/cpaexcel/mm/intro/mike.html. Our course is much more cost effective as well, plus we will continue to support you until you pass for no additional charge (note that there are no conditions to earn these free repeats and updates).

Please let me know what you think, my contact information is listed below, regards, L.A.

P.S. I can offer the same assistance as Becker in terms of state selection and the application process.

Leslie-Anne (L.A.) Rogers

State Selection Consultant

CPAexcel International

778-371-4284 (Vancouver, B.C.)

1-877-775-7652 (tol. free Canada and U.S.)

[email protected]



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Becker is the best. They know the test and they teach it well. they give you what you need – and only what you need – to study in order to pass (so you won’t waste time studying stuff that won’t be on the exam, which is crucial since there is so much to study already)

The software you get with Becker is formulated EXACTLY like the exam. Most former Becker students (myself included) report scoring 10 points higher on the real exam than they did on Becker’s practice exam. Basically, if you use Becker and study what they tell you to study, there will be no surprises on the real thing (hint: don’t bother with the “supplemental HW,” just do the “required HW”). And if, for some reason, you don’t pass a section, you can retake the Becker course for free (look into Tuition Free Continuing Help, or TFCH).

I paid for Becker myself, and would do it again knowing how good the material is. I passed all sections on the first try with an average score of 90 (so I didn’t have to throw away money on a retest!) I know it is expensive, but I think you get what you pay for. The good news is, Becker will finance you, so you don’t have to pay for it up front….in fact, you wont have to repay the loan until you are done with Becker.

I don’t know anything about the other courses except that a coworker of mine swears by micromash (it may be called something different now?). But I here’s a link to a really good discussion forum dedicated to the CPA exam and those who are currently taking it:


you should go there and ask them what they are all using and what they think of it.

Good luck!


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