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Road Trip in Hish School?

How old do you think a high school student should be to go on a road trip, when he 16 and in the summer between 10 and 11th grades or when hes 17 and between the grades 11th and 12th? Everything I am talking about is legal so don’t worry about that.

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legal. weak. We started doing them within the month one of us got our license. We would just drive to a camp site, set up tents, and get drunk -but it was fun. then in the day hit up the beach and grunt at people out of car windows. It was great.

I think I was 14 or 15.


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Well, it would depend on the student and the circumstances. If they were a very responsible student who performed well in school and had not been into ‘trouble’ and was traveling with other similar students, I would say 17 is about right.

If the student had been into trouble, was going with students who had been into trouble and was going to a place where alcohol, drugs and/or sex were commonplace, I’d say 21.

I don’t believe that any kid between 10th and 11th grade should be on a trip unsupervised. Students are that age are just learning to drive.. and a trip away from home without a responsible adult present is probably just a disaster waiting to happen.