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studying medicine in canada?

I would like to study medicine. i am looking at undergrad programs for my bachelors degree after which i will apply for medicine. Which degrees are best to go for if you are interested in medicine later. I am looking at U of T , Mc Master University, Queens University and Mc Gill. Are these good colleges? Which are best in canada for doing undergrad in health sciences and then medicine?

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Obviously from your question you are not in school in Canada. Every student in Canada knows about MacLeans Magazine and their annual rating of Canadian Universities. Google Macleans Magazine and Click on Education -University rankings. This will lead you to rankings of all Canadian Universities.

The Universities you mention are excellent world reknown Universities with good reputations. There are many others, smaller but with all the qualities required. Since all Universities in Canada are government supported they are all accredited in their fields of speciality. No fly by night colleges here.


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Not in the US. Medical school is a Graduate school. You need a four year Bachelor degree (preferable from an US college) and take the MCAT exam before you can apply. Few US medical schools accept international students