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where can i find information about low income family and taking kids in a daycare or preschool.?

my sister would like to take her 4 yr. old kid to a daycare or preschool but she cant afford the monthly tuition. where can she find informations regarding low income families who would like to take their kids to school.

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Good contacts, assuming you are in the US.

1. Your local school district may have a pre-k program.

2. Head Start is specifically for low income families.

3. The Dept. of Social Services may pay for care if your sister is working or going to school, even if she is not on welfare.

4. If your area has a vocational high school program that teaches kids to work in preschools they might have a model program. These usually have experienced teachers along with the high school kids.

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If your sister is working, and has low-income call your local Department of Social Service agency-every state is different when it comes to income guidelines. In New York State their is Universal Pre-k which is either half day or full day- which is free- she just needs the necessary paperwork and fill out forms. Again is she is not working their is also United Way funding, but that depends on what state, and if they offer subsidies based on income. If she is not working, and trying to put her in a daycare, their probably isn’t much help. Daycare is expensive, and tuition changes often due to market rates. Check with your local Child care advocacy center for help. Also their is Head Start which is a program for low income- children. Children and families get chosen based on Socio-economic status- again call your local Child care council, you may also call office of children and family services which the number is in the blue pages. Good Luck

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Look up Head Start. It’s an excellent program for low income children and families. If you can’t find it in the phone book, call your local social service agencies and elementary school. Someone will be able to direct you to Head Start. If her child is not accepted into Head Start, check into subsidized programs and pre-K programs. Pre-K may be available through the elementary school.

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u can go to ur barangay hall, inquire from the officer of the day where ur day care center is. I am a municipal accountant and im sure, in the barangay day care,, it’s free though they charge very minimal fees.