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conquests of mexico and peru???

what was similar about the conquests of mexico and peru???

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Both civilizations were conquered by Spain.

The motivation for conquering were similar gold, glory and gospel.

Spain had superior fire power in both cases.

Both were taught to adopt ot Roman Catholicism.

Both took over civilizations that were not prepared for war by superior weapons.

Both had a strong civilization history of their own.

Spain was cruel in both cases.


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Mexico replaced into controled by using the the Mexica and linked Nahuatl speaking peoples. generally talked approximately through fact the Aztec. To the Aztecs themselves the be conscious “aztec” replaced into no longer an endonym for any particular ethnic team. quite it replaced into an umbrella term used to examine with countless ethnic communities, no longer all of them Nahuatl speaking, that claimed historical past from the mythic place of commencing place, Aztlan. Peru replaced into controled by using the Inca