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The best story to tell for a SPEECH COMMUNICATION course/class?

everyone, please help me on this. i’m quite contemplating on the storytelling piece that I will present in my speech communication class. can you suggest me any story that you think would be the best to tell in front of a class?

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have a speech about yourself that was intresting. something that was amazing that happend in your life, or something like that. but DON’T just make something up out of the blue, you won’t get things straight and people will be able to tell you just made it up, you have to be able to answer follow-up questions from the teacher, etc. add some humor to it with an anecdote, but not too much because it will sound pushed. hope that this might have been some help.

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I was young, very young. Seven years old at a guess. —– and i lost track of time and fell snoring on the floor… no, seriously, your character isn’t built up well.. the images you are trying to create are vague… i fail to see the point of the redunduncies… it lacks something that is essential in a story – more than the grammar, more than the eloquence, more than the plot, more than the characters, it needs emotions… and quite frankly the draft here does not have any of those i mentioned above… and, well, there’s not much to get interested about – because a story is not unfolding! you need a first chapter that unfolds an interesting story… sorry man, but i gotta be true better luck next time man.