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Classroom activities or lessonn plans for kindergarten?

How can I get children between 0-4 to understand the importance of literacy? Also, what are some read-aloud activities that children between ages 3-4 would enjoy?

Thanks for your help.

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A child does not understand what a book is till they have read over 1000. I would focus on literacy game (rhyming, fingerplays, songs).

Try storytelling then introducing the book in good one that can incoporate movement is caps for sale.

I would focus more on getting the parents to understand the importance of literacy. Try making take home bags with one book and one 5 min activity. 3 year olds can have small amonts of homework that promote family involvment.


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Cori A
With ages 0-4, you show them literacy is important by example. Set a time, everyday, for story time. Flap books, Cardboard books and books make from like pillow-type things are goo for the 0-3 group. Simple stories, bright colors and rhymes hold their attention. Also, while reading try to have as much emotion in your voice as you can. [Appropriately of course, happy when good thing is happening, sad when the caracter or mood is sad etc.] Little kids [0-3] love holding the books, so don’t worry TOO much about actually finishing the story.

Children ages 3-4 would also enjoy story time. You could allow a different kid everyday pick 2-3 books to be read and go off of that. They also enjoy simple/moderate stories and rhymes. Another read-out-loud [if you want the children to read] is to pass a book around the circle, and have each child read some if they can. This is a good time to teach how to sound out words and the sounds letters make. Also, practice spelling out words to make stories [4 year olds] and recognizing letters in books [3 year olds].

Some GREAT books for these age groups are:

– Chicka chicka boom boom

– ALL of Dr. Suess books

– Moon Bear’s Friend

– Dora the Exploror books

– Princess books

– There’s A Monster In My Closet

– There’s An Alligator Under My Bed

– Pirate books

– Bug books

– Nursery Rhymes

The best bet would be to go to the public library and ask the children’s librarian for help finding appropriate books and possible activities.



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Students of that age won’t understand the importance of literacy the same way an adult would look at it. At that age, you are going to be asking them to work with meaningful literacy- show them how fun books and stories can be by choosing books with lots of repetition (like The Napping House, by Audrey Wood… there are tons- go talk to a children’s librarian for suggestions). Also, encourage the kids to work with environmental print- have them bring in their empty cereal boxes, soda cans, and McDonald’s coupons- whatever has a logo on it that the students can identify by looking at it. Sort what they bring in by the first letter, the last letter, count the number of letters- anything at all. Put the food containers in a play area and let them use them for pretend shopping and cooking. Put out small note paper so they can make shopping lists, copying the words from the containers to show what they want to buy.

Also, do lots of work with their names- again, sort by first letter, count how many letters, let them cut apart and reassemble the letters in their first names, ask them to look at the environmental print containers and find a word that has the same letter that their name starts with, etc.

There are a million options- but don’t try to talk to them and say, “Literacy is important so you can get a job.” You’ll kill them with boredom.


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