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help choosing sat ii’s?

i’m planning on taking the sat ii in december. i’m trying to decide between taking the english one and the spanish one. i’m really good at english literature, and i love analyzing novels, but i hate poetry because it’s so ambiguous. on the other hand, i’ve taken four years of spanish [but am not currently taking it]. i’m an okay student and i can guess pretty well for most spanish questions but i don’t want to rely on luck.

so….english lit or spanish? which one is easier? please recommend prep books as well.

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Hi, I think that you should really take a chance and give both of them. You wont be at loss if you get good marks in both the tests. Also, most of the colleges require min. 2 SAT subject tests. So, I think give both of them.

But, the decision depends upon you. Give the test for which you feel confidant.


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As far as I know, you are allowed to take them both.

As far as prep books, I would recommend finding a friend that is taking the same test and each getting a different book. That way, you have practice tests from 2 sources and information from 2 sources. Also, it can help to study with a friend. Princeton Review is good. I would recommend looking at a few in the bookstore and choosing the book that looks the best and looks like it would be most helpful.