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preschool halloween songs?

i am looking for song for my preschool class and i have heard it before i think its called halloween cat and of course it abut a cat.but i dont know the words too it so please anyone help me.i have looked on numerous sites and cant find it

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I’m a big black cat and I lift my paws,

I’m an owl and I blink my eyes.

I’m a big black cat and i lift my paws.

I’m a witch flying through the skies.


(Use appropriate hand motions.)

If you don’t like that one look on kididdles.com


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Five little pumpkins, sitting on a gate

The first one said—My it’s getting late

The second one said, There are witches in the air

The third one said but we don’t care

The fourth one said, I’m ready for some fun

And the fifth one said, let’s run and run and run

Then woooo went the wind and OUT went the light and the five little pumpkins rolled out of site!!!!


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Meow meow, all through the night long

Meow meow, I hear a night song

Black cat singing in the alley way

Serenading with a mournful lay

Go away, go away from my house

Go away, go and find a big mouse


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tiffanie h
Halloween Cat! Halloween Cat!

Why do you meow and meow like that?

Neither I nor the moon, like your tune

So Scat! Halloween Cat!


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NasCarl #99

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Azmama….Same song I was thinking of…..I LOVED that song as a kid! 🙂