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I am Babysitting My 9 yr old brother he wants to make a talk show.?

What should we talk about?

What should we do?

I need Ideas.

Please Help.

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My nephew wanted to do a talk show. We made a tv set out of an old box and put knobs and stuff all over it. He put his head inside and he would pretend he was doing the news. He then interviewed me and my husband about such topics as trampolines, music, nintendo, squirt guns and such. He chose the topics and wrote down several questions to interview us with. He was a hoot!!!

Just have him choose things he knows about so he can ask you questions.


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Well. You want to keep it G rated.

I would be characters that he knows. It could be like cinderella and and x-men arguing about keeping the toilet seat down.

Characters from tv, movies, books. Then create a funny disagreement between them.

For ex- You leave your glass slippers all over the place so whats the big deal if I leave the toilet seat up!?

He may be too old but fairy tale characters mixed up are also funny.

For the set, put a few chairs together and get something to be a microphone. Maybe a box of tissues would be funny. Ask him what HE wants



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Let him run with it. If he wants to talk about his recent trip to Mars, ask him about the beaches and restaurants there. Don’t try to supply the topics, let his imagination run amok.

Oh, if you can secretly record the show, you can have some fun with this at his wedding.


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let him be the host then you wont need to think of questions

you should just sit on the couch and talk as if your famous people like he could be a footballer or something and you could be a popstar or actress something like that


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Just make it your names or make up some names like “The Tyler and Allie Show” or something…..Make it goofy…..I don’t know When I used to do that i would make it silly and use fake names and “famous people”(friends/family) to interveiw. 🙂 Good luck!