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help this is killing me!!!???

A 2 kg rabbit starts from rest and is moving at 6 m/s after 3 seconds. What force must the rabbit cause to makes this change in speed?


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The formula you need is:


F is what you are looking for.

m is the mass: 2kg

a is the acceleration: m/s^2, which you figure out by doing 6 m/s divided by 3s–2 m/s^2

So, now you have F= 2 kg x 2 m/s^2 = 4 N


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To solve any physics problem you have to look at what you have to begin with. The problem gives you:

mass – 2kilogram

initial velocity1 – 0meters/second

velocity2 – 6meters/second

initial time1- 0 seconds

time2 – 3 seconds

You’re looking for the force, which is found by the equation F=ma (summation of forces=mass(acceleration).

With what you have you can find the acceleration, which is the change in velocity (v2-v1, 6m/s) divided by the change in time (t2-t1, 3 seconds). So a=(6m/s)/3s=2ms^2.

Now you have what you need to solve F=ma.



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