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My son is in kindergarden and needs to take snacks for the class any ideas?

Everyone is the class takes turns taking snacks. My son’s turn is Wed. Any ideas as to a health snack for everyone?

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Natalie W

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Garden harvest chips. The apple/cinammon ones have been a big hit with my son’s class.

You can also try:

— Graham Crackers

— Fruit (i.e. orange wedges, grapes)

— Animal Crackers

— Cheese and Crackers

— Chex Mix

— Trail Mix

— Pudding

— Cereal trail mix


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String cheese, those new cinnamon wheat thins, if there are no peanut allergies, my son’s class did this and all the kids thought it was great: pretzel sticks a dab of peanut butter and go fishing for goldfish crackers.

Also for a treat that is not so healthy but all the kids love is graham crackers with frosting in the middle. We usually have two people that bring a snack and one person that brings a drink so if at least one of the snacks is healthy, it balances out.


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I found this recipe on Pillsbury.com for Cheerios-Trix Treats. They are just like Rice Crispy Treats only with Cheerios and Trix. They are yummy for the little ones and big kids too.

Spray 9×9 pan with oil. Melt 1/4 cup butter in large saucepan over medium heat. Add 4 cups mini marshmallows; cook until melted, stirring constantly. Remove from heat. Gently stir in 3 cups Cheerios, 3 cups Trix and (if no allergies) 1 cup salted peanuts. Pour mixture into sprayed pan and press evenly in pan with sprayed sheet of wax paper. Cool 30 minutes or until completely cooled then cut into bars and wrap individually with fun colored Saran wrap. Makes about 15 bars.

You could also try this…

Chex Mix, Goldfish, Raisins, M&M’s, and Animal Crackers, mix all these together in a big bowl and scoop into ice cream cones with a flat bottom.


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From analyzing your question, i assume this is advantageous to offer snacks for the great type. in case you sense strongly, you ought to deliver a be conscious out to the mum and father with a advice on nutritional snacks. The kindergarten instructors at my son’s college like to work out goldfish (formed) crackers, animal crackers (seek for ones made with total wheat flour or fruit juice), raisins, pretzels, or fruit. i might strongly propose staying remote from peanutbutter or any tree nut products (apart from your individual toddler). Nut hypersensitive reactions are very serious!

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My child had to do the same thing. At first, I took apples and bananas. The I took cans of fruit for everyone. They hardly ate the fruit and fruit cocktail. So I let my child pick out the snack next time. She chose pop tarts. The children can’t seem to get enough pop tarts. I could hardly believe it! They love them. (I hated them as a child….and still do.) But if that is what they like, that’s what they get.

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Loves the Ponies
Individually wrapped string cheese

Individual sized boxes of raisins


Individual packages of peanut butter crackers

Little packages of Goldfish

Fruit roll-ups

Individual pudding cups, fruit cups or jello cups

Those 100 calorie snacks that have like cereal and peanut butter chips in them (they’re good for adults!)

Luigi’s Italian Ice (they come in small individual cups)

Hope this helps!


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Are their any classroom allergies?

ants on a log (soy butter/peanut butter, celery, raisins)

Lady bugs on a log (use cran-raisins, or cranberries)

Smoothies (berries, yogurt, bananas, ice)

Trail Mix (crackers, dried fruit, pretzels, yogurt bites, mm’s, etc.)

ask the teacher for suggestions..(sometimes they know best)

fruit salad (different fruits that your child/other children have not tried)

veggie platter and a few different types of dips

*sometimes the dip is the best part

animal crackers and peanut butter and yogurt mixed together for a dip…

apple slices (use the apple cutter) and dip in peanut butter, cinamin, applesauce, etc.

applesauce cups with cinn on top.

bagel chips with sliced grape tomatoes and moz cheese


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Start by asking the teacher if there are any food allergies – – that will help with what to avoid.

I really like the apple slices – – cleaned & cored and they would be perfect for little kids. They also wouldn’t be too messy if the kids drop any of them.


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My kids always take snacks to school

my answer is grahm crackers, cookies, seedless grapes, juice boxes, gold fish, fuit snacks


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Chips- not anything that will dye their papers orange or get everything greasy maybe funyuns or sun chips

Fruit- apples, grapes, bananas, etc…

Snack Cakes- twinkies, choclate cupcakes,etc

Chex Mix

Finger Sandwiches