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How much does a day care cost for a month? family day care (licensed one person)?& home day care (non-license)

1. ok a professional day care center ages 6 wks to 5 yrs???

monthly AND weekly

2.family day care center- where one person has a license and looks after the kids how much do they take?

3.and just a regular person (care provider as a babysitter) for a full day (month) same timings etc as above but what would be their price in general??? i know it depends on the person but any ideas?

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I think it varries by location Where I live 1 is around 1000 a month

2 150 a week

3 10-20$ a hour


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It depends on where you live. The $15 a day the previous answer mentioned wouldn’t get you a half day where I am. The going rate for preschoolers in homes or centers ranges from $50 to $60 a day around here. You should contact the programs you are interested in.

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DJ – mom of 2
It depends on the age of the child to begin with.


in center: up to $9.00/hour – $1440/month – 8 hour days

in home: up to $7.00/hour – $1120/month – 8 hour days

age 3-5

in center: up to $5.00/hour – $800/month – 8 hour days

in home: up to $4.00/hour – $640/month – 8 hour days

The price difference is due to ratios. Infant ratio is 3 infants to 1 adult in center, and 4 infants to 1 adult in home.

Pre-k ratio is 12 kids to 1 adult.

I hope this helps