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i really hate school. is there any way i could love it?

i hate school. it makes me fail in everything.

it makes me fail as a student

it makes me fail as a friend

it makes me fail as a daughter

it makes me fail as a person!

i really hate school! (i’m in high school by the way.) is there any way i could, well . . . love it?



thanks for answers. . . good luck for me. 😉

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Erin M

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Lots of teenagers go through stuff like this. What you have to remember is that you really do have the power to make your life happier and better!

Why do you fail? Do you think it’s because you don’t want to try or because you don’t understand the material you are being taught? There’s no shame in asking for extra help. If you are just lazy, then you need to get in your rear in gear and work, girl! You won’t get anywhere without trying!

School makes you fail as a friend? 🙁 Maybe these people aren’t your real friends? Real friends stick with you through thick and thin, honey. That’s all I can really say, but it’s 100 true.

And, I can totally understand why you’d think it makes you fail as a daughter. Parents can be the worst, sometimes, can’t they? But! Like I said before, try your hardest to do better in school!

Do your absolute best on all of your projects/tests/homework (but don’t try to get open praise from your teachers, because no one likes a brown-noser, lol). Then, when you do well…show this success to your parents. Showing your parents how well you do is a great way to get them to be not so naggy! Believe me on this one.

As for how you can make school more interesting…are you taking classes that you just hate? You can always suggest different ideas to the teachers you have, if you have any ideas. Though, like I said before…being lazy is no excuse! :p

All in all, good luck. And, remember…you really do hold the key to your future. It does get better, you just have to let it. 🙂


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Woman of Strength
Think about something positive about school, like winning a prize, or getting a praise from the teacher. Think of the good memories that had come so far. In other words, see the flipside of it – the positive side. Don’t focus too much on the negative. You’ll gradually start to enjoy school life.

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You don’t have to love school. Accepting school is OK too. Sometimes extremes are not good.

You may be slightly exaggerating with all of your alleged failures.

Speak to your teachers and guidance counselor about your grades. They will offer suggestions about what you can do to improve. Not A’s necessarily but improvements.

Once your grades improve that other “failures will go away.


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I hated school until I got into college.

School reminds me of the Army or being in a prison.


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Karolynn (:
You really hate school, that much like me. ((:

I hate school.

I hate doing homework.

I hate being compared with my friends.

I hate to be the more stupid one in the family.

I hate the teachers because they set strict rules.

What made me like school?

It was only after I started seventh grade. My form teacher is much more understanding, as compared to my sixth grade teacher. I hope you will like school more! You are my senior, and I will ‘hugs’ you more!!!




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Aya Aux
how bout getting sum inspiration, like a crush or sumthing??

hmm.. participating in sum clubs would be nice….

Being positive would be good…

Think bout it… wouldn’t it be nice to show to everyone that u love school and make them green with envy??

Aw never mind…

I don’t make any sense


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u cnt defeat skool. it was there to ruin childrens and teenagers lives. but it cn be better if u hang around with loads of mates.

dnt worry no-one likes skool