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B-school in US? please advise?

I am preparing for admission MBA for coming Fall 2008. I am still considering which school i should apply and should apply how many school? Im from Asia and my background is Sales & Marketing, 6.5 years working experience ( including 1.5 years working oversea). Im also wondering which one i should study : MBA in Finance or Marketing or Business Management? I want to study in LA but someone said should go uni in East coast as they are famous in Finance/Marketing/B.M and should apply 3-4 uni at the same time. Im study hard for IELTS and GMAT now and gonna take test by end of Sep, then i will aplly in this Oct.

Does anyone have any idea please help me to figure it out. Highly appreciate your advices!

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For Business schools, the best will be the Ivy League: Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Dartmouth, Penn. These are the best in the world, so you wuld have to have incredible scores. Otherwise, you can find US rankings of Business programs in US News and world report–which notes that MIT, UC-Berkeley, and University of Michigan at Ann Arbor are great.

When I applied for my PhD, I applied to 7 different schools. Some great, some average, some not so good, so that I could assure myself that I would get in somewhere. I’d advise taking the same strategy.

PS–The two best known schools (in general) in LA are UCLA (University of California at Los Angeles) and USC (University of Southern California).

Good luck.