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Cat Goat

What are some science fiction/fantasy games for children under 6?

A group of friends get together on a monthly basis to watch sci-fi/fantasy movies and potluck. We hang out, but we all have young kids and we’re looking for new ideas to keep them involved and since even the food is themed, we are looking for themed games for the kids.

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what about some make-believe..make them some costumes.

try to find some coloring books with that theme


action figures

let them “help” cook/ prepare snacks

let them play hairdresser on the adults…tell them what you want to look like (prince.princess, elf, alien, etc…)

make a “fort” from some chairs and sheets


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Dan T
Kids these days like the Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards. They are the modern day equivalent of the science fiction we used to watch when we were kids. Having a few stacks of these cards around may keep them interested and playing games. The games are a little too complicated for the under 6 set, but my 6-year old just likes to look at the cards and try to read some of the descriptions.

If you prefer, Disney tried to do the same thing with Stitch by creating a ton of different characters in the Lilo & Stitch universe. They may be a little more family-friendly.


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search for the treasure!

do this after watching any pirate movie


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I would say Magic the Gathering. I used to play the card game and now I have so many left over cards I want to sell.

Anyone want to buy some? Email me at:

[email protected] THANKS!