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Essay due tomorrow??

Any ideas for a problem/solution essay? I’m drawing a major blank here….Thanks for any serious ideas. 😉

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Ah, you may have already found your answer just by asking this very question. Procrastination (delaying or avoidance) seems to be a problem. The solution…..only you can figure that one out.

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Maybe the problem of the pollution?

For example:

Pollution as we know is the greatest problem nowadays. People dirty the air with gases and smoke, poison the water with chemicals and other substances, and damage the soil with too many fertilizers and pesticides. People also pollute their surroundings in different other ways. For example, they ruin natural beauty. They use machines that fill the air with horrible noise. Nearly everyone causes environmental pollution in some way. Let’s talk about the sources and the effects of the pollutions and try to solve these problems.


* using machines – 49%

* fuel – 28%

* industrial production – 13%


*Nitrogen causes breathing problems. The effects of nitrogen can be also seen in acid rain

*Carbon dioxide causes headaches, dizziness, high blood pressure and damage the brain.

*Lead causes brain cancer, damage the nervous system, damage the digestive system too and the lead particles that comes from burning black things cause nose throat irritation and destroy the lungs.

Possible solutions:

bicycles and walking instead of cars

using less polluting fuels

remove older polluted vehicles from roads

punishments for the factories that throw their wastes into the rivers, lakes, seas and oceans


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Question Man
I did one on elder abuse. There is a lot of information on the net about it, and the solution was pretty easy. Awareness, government programs etc..

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Global Warming/Eco-Friendly cars

Over Crowding Prisons/Drug Rehab Centers

You had better get crackin!