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How to martket my daycare?

I have a licensed family daycare and I would like to know how can I market myself to get more clients?

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OMG!DiS iS sO kEwL

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make sure u spell ALL the words right on your sign!

thats the first thing….=P

[u spelled market wrong in your question]


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Put flyers on cars at little league games, PTA meetings, etc.

Have a fun (not scary) haunted house at Halloween, give the kids little ziploc baggies with candies and your business card

A big, colorful sign outside your daycare

If you live in a small town you might get the local newspaper to run a little article on you

Flyers at grocery stores, drug stores, pediatrician/dentist offices (if they allow it) and other places parents take their children

Generally family care providers can offer things centers can’t, like smaller groups, more 1:1 care, flexible hours. Advertise what makes you different.

If you are licensed then you’ve probably dealt with the local Resource and Referral Office. I work for one and we let providers post flyers here too. That way when parents come in looking for providers they see your info posted.


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If you have some customers, make sure you are providing the Best Care possible for their children. Nurturing, nutrition, learning environments, relationships, personalized attention, field trips, special parent days etc. Once you are the best, at a reasonable price, you won’t need to market, you will have a waiting list.

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I know alot of people out here have hudge signs infront of the builing they use, be it their house or another…you could try making flyers and posting them places parents would go (babys-r-us ect…) and of course, the yellow pages 🙂 Good Luck!!

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fliers, word of mouth, a posting on craigslist, a posting in the local papers, hang up ads on bulletin boards in grocery stores, announcement or flier at church (if you go), etc

And finally, a person in some kind of costume (a baby costume or something representing your day care name) holding a big sign on a busy street corner



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I agree with OMG. You should be able to spell better than the children in your care.