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I am trying to convince my son to do his Senior project on something he likes?

Can you add any ideas for him Are there any websites you know of to add in this area.

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Ur correct he needs to find a need in the community or schools and figure out a solution.

My son read an article in a paper about kids falling in ditch … anyways he said u know someone should build an access way so the teachers and kids can get from one side of the property to the other without having to up/down ditch. Like a bridge.

Weeks later they were in assembly about Sr projects… they design, ck into building codes, property restrictions, wrote a proposal to B of Ed, sought donations to offset the cost, and built it off site. There problem was transporting it to the school because it was so heavy and well built.

Now even the community uses it and it’s handicapped accessible. click on links for ideas and be sure u read what your school is wanting/guidelines etc…it may be quite simple.