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Please Help!! English-John Fowles “the collecter”?

Has anyone read the collecter by John Fowles??? If you have, do you know any good topic questions (such as how does power affect people) that sort of thing, as I am using this book as a personal study for english and have to come up with a question and base an essay on it, please help. Thank you xD

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Excellent book!

One of the unique things about the Collector is that it’s told from two perspectives: that of the abductor and that of his victim. This illustrates the madness of the abductor in sharp contrast with the sanity and suffering of his victim.

You can also work from Fowles’ parallel between collecting butterflies (killing innocent, beautiful, fragile creatures), and abducting the woman in the story.

There are many images that have stayed with me, even years after reading the book. I could practically draw the hidden room that was the victim’s prison. Do any images or scenes stand out in your mind?

Good luck!