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Can someone make a short sentence out of these words?

Hot foot: In a hurry

huger: more enormous

prophecies: predictions about future

quench: put out fire

twanging: ringing of a plucked string

Heed: attention

ablaze: on fire

unquenchable: unable to be put out

mirth: gladness and laughter

Gilded: covered with gold

silvered: appeared covered with silver

barb: sharp object from an arrow

shaft: the long body of an arrow

Throes: pains

gledes: increasing in size (of the moon); opposite of warning

Eminent: most important

benefactors: those who give benefits

imperishable: never-ending

deposed: removed from office

ample: generous

recompense: payment for services

strode: P.T. stride; walked with long steps

contrived: made happen with difficulty

array: body of soldiers

Capitalized does not mean anything, such as must be in front of the sentence or something. Please make a sentence that uses the meanings of the word listed above. Please do not make any sentence that does not mean the words written on the top.

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It took you more time to post your question than it would have to just do your own homework… what gives?

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Entangled in the throes of love, he strode over to her ample body, heeding his steps, his love huger than her plus-size jeans. Not even her unquenchable appetite nor her imperishable bad breath could quench the mirth he felt when he looked at her, his heart ablaze at the eminent embrace, a fitting recompense for his efforts.

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neha s
Not paying ‘heed’ to the teachers lectures lead to a great loss of studies.

Mahatma Gandhi is an ’eminent’ personality who contributed enormously in India’s freedom movement.

The prophecies done by the predictors are not always true.


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Baliou I couldnt agree more, sometimes I wonder if peoples unquenchable attitudes towards school work will ever stop.