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What are the only two professional sports teams that don’t have an S sound at the end of their name?

This would include teams only in the NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB. Hint: Any team that has an X at then end of their name is not correct. First person to correctly identify the two teams gets the points.

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Miami Heat and Colorado Avalanche

Or the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Or the Minnesota Wild.

Or the Orlando Magic.

Arguably the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Their name ends in an M, even if everybody seems to think “of Anaheim” doesn’t count as part of their name.

The Utah Jazz are arguable in my mind, too, since the “z” sound and “s” sound are pretty close to indistinguishable for me. And really, the Avalanche end in something close to that, too.


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Me again
Miami Heat, Utah Jazz. Colorado Avalanche, Orlando Magic. Apparently we know more than you. How you gonna make good with the points?

*Steve is stretching, but only a little, because from the day Art Moreno renamed the team, officially it ends with an M.


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The Minnesota Wild and the Colorado Avalanche

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Portland Storm?