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How do I use footnotes?

I have never used them before because I have only worked with the MLA style of writing. Is it the same thing as MLA but I just use numbers to refer to sources? Also, I don’t have microsoft word. I am using Adobe Pagemaker because thats all our computer has. Will someone walk me through step by step on how to write footnotes?

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i don’t know what adobie pagemaker is, but hopefully i can still help you. it’s called “superscript”, where you put brackets (open: [ to close: ]) and there should be a number in it (the numbers should be in numberical order. your works cited is also in the order it appeared in, NOT ALPHABETICALLY). sometimes, there may be more than one source that supports a statement, ie:

cheese comes in at least 400 varities (superscript)[1,2,3](end superscript). however, most people are familiar with cheddar, american, or swiss (super)[3,4] (end super).the holes in swiss are caused by bacteria (s)[1,5] (end s)