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What property?

4*6*4*8=4(6+8) and why? This isn’t a test, or homework I just need to understand…

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The property is distributive…. it is easier to understand if you place it in these terms….

4(6) * 4(8) = 4(6+8)

We achieve this simplified answer because both products have the same common factor ( via a 4) so the 4’s can be grouped together. This leaves the 6 and the 8 which needed to be added because the 4’s were combined. Hope this helps!!! 😉



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That would be the distributive property because you’ve just distributed the values. In the distributive property, you put things in parenthesis to shorten it out.

Go here for more help: http://mathforum.org/dr.math/faq/faq.property.glossary.html


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acordding to my source its distributive