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Finding the invisible road to my future !?

History: My father was in the army till the rank of Major, he left the army 1991 blaming my cause of birth (1990) for it, (it was his sisters who forced him to leave). We became from super rich to middle class, & now only my mother is earning.

Recent History: In my class 9th exam result(2004) I got 70%, some moment of happiness for us, 10th exam result(2005) 67% things started becoming messed up again, Pre-Eng 1st Year Exam result(2006) 59% maths failed, 2nd year exam results (yesterday) 56.5% (unknown result). Now in my country we have a poor system of examiners who are themselves illiterate but their results have to be followed.

Finding the Road: I wanted to join the Airforce it required 60%, Army requires 50% my family has always insisted me to join the Army with good %; I am good at Graphic designing, C#, Physics, Maths, Ggrphy I am very progress at Computers. But now I dnt know what to do after a poor result though I am capable of 80%. 1. Commit Suicide, 2.Try the Army, 3You Tell

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sounds like indonesia / india!!

with all these – suicide is the best option. BUT is tt the real answer when there r so many challenges ahead. the path we take, we never know the result. there is no result – it comes in doses as we go along.

is armed forces only option? – probably best ‘cos it pays well. your past shldnt haunt your future.

so go for it.

what other options u have in the commerce or other civil service sector? university? if u join army u can get scholarship, right?

choose tt wh will ensure a better future and long term too. but whatever decision u make dont regret. just move ahead and stop saying – i shld hv done this, i shld hv done tt. just think of future and move and move. tarry not!


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