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Can I bring up an old grade?

In my school, the second marking period just started. The way grading works, if you get one C in a marking period, the highest possible grade you can get for the semester is a B. I am normally an A student, but I got a C for a class in the first marking period. Is there any way to improve my grade so that I have a chance at getting an A?

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Depending on your school, they may average the numeric grade. If they do, depending on how high your C was, you may have a chance if you get a high A the second half of the semester.

if its GPA wise like 4=A 3=B 2=C 1=D 0=F

if you get an A = 4 and C =2 the average would be 6/2 = 3 so in that case, there is no way to get an A overall.

My bachelors degree was in mathematics and I was seeking to be an secondary ed mathematics teacher. I do know that teachers can bump your final grade if they wise. They can’t lower it but they can raise it. Seek your teacher’s advice.


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if you study really hard, do all homework/projects are easy ways to bring up your grade. whenever a teacher gives a chance to use extra credit, utilize it because it can help you tremendously. teachers also like when a student participates, at my school class participation is part of your grade, so participate in class in anyway possible, even just by asking a question. also, sometimes ask a teacher, what I am doing wrong in your class and how can i improve? now they know that you are upset with your grade and that you do not want to give up, but only improve. they will notice your effort. hope this helps!!!!!

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Speak privately to your teacher and see what he says that you can do in order to get an A.

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extra credit.

make sure ur on ur teachers good side.

be very attentive in class, cause then u’ll get a good particaptaion grade as well.

good luck.