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What are 10 fun things to do during an exam?

I have to write a speech about this and i’m flat out about ideas. I don’t want stuff from 50 fun things to do during an exam because we all know that’s impossible in the reality of High School. Please help!

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Here’s ten things that I know are realistic because I have done them all myself before back when I was a high school student. (Good times, good times.)

1. Use a piece of scratch paper to make oragami figures. I uesd to make paper cranes and those blow-up balls. I once made an entire pond diorama with paper cranes and balls to which I had attached fins to make them look like fish.

2. Draw a picture of the class nerd (yeah, that was me; nothing wrong with it) graduating from the local community college with a degree in truck driving. Hey, he or she will still probably make more money than me, but it’s a good laugh. Show it to your buddy sitting near you.

3. Throw something at someone (something small and light and non-pointy because you don’t want to hurt anyone, and don’t aim for the face). Here’s the key: make it look like an accident. No one’s feelings will get hurt if you’re convincing enough, and you still get to laugh inside.

4. Ask to use the restroom, and don’t actually go. Just walk around a bit. Enjoy the day, the bluish tint to the walls, the yellowy light from the flickering lights. Way to stick it to the man, man.

5. Ask the teacher what the answer to the first question is. Hey, it’s worth a shot, right? (I think that one of my teachers freshman year really had no idea.)

6. Ask the teacher what the test is on right before you take it. The resulting look of dismay is always priceless.

7. Obnoxiously eat something, then make a big show of throwing away the wrapper or whatever. Hey, you need to keep your energy up, right?

8. If you’re taking a multiple choice exam with separate question and answer forms, answer all of the questions on the question form, but make sure they’re all wrong. The next person to use the question form willl probably not be stupid enough to use the answers you provided. Probably.

9. Take a nap during the test. You need rest to do your best, and it always makes it a lot more enjoyable.

10. Hey, you’re taking an exam. How could you not have fun?


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1 = It is fun to be prepared so you know you will get an A+

2 = it is fun to watch the stoners sleep because they would not pass even if they studied.

3 = It is fun to get up several times to sharpen you pencil and look down girls tops.

4 = It is fun to finish first because you are so smart.

5 = It is fun to see who finishes last and you hope it is someone you don’t like and you hope he or she gets an F++

6= It is fun to look outside for 45 minuets and know that you are not wasting time cause you are finished and you know you aced the test because you are so smart and you studied.

7 = It is fun to watch the Jocks finish in the last 30 seconds of the test and you know they didn’t get anything right but their name, yet they pass anyway which is not really fun.

8 = It is fun to watch the teacher dismiss the cheaters who try to cheat using tricks that even the teacher probably used while in high school.

9 = It is fun to answer the hard questions first and then you know that the rest of test will be a breeze.

10 = It is fun to to answer the last question as you know it is now all over.

11 = My favorite thing is when the teacher is collecting the exams and how many people always seem to forget to write their names on them.


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See if you think this will drive the other students and the teacher crazy: Pick a subject that has no math in it like English or History. In the middle of the exam, pull out a calculator, and start entering numbers like mad as if you need a calculation to answer a question.

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I Got One —Drop your pen to see if anyone is pulling a Britney ?