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How can i write my address in a form?

I want to buy something through the net and it will be sent to me by mail. So can anyone tell me what should i write in the:

Street address: , street address(2): , city: , Proviance:

i live in Egypt, Alexandria, Elibrahimia, lagita street

should i write Alexandria in proviance/state and Elibrahimia in city or should i write Alexandria in city and leave proviance/state empty or what should i do?

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Name: Yourself

Address: (# where on the street) Lagita Street

Address2: (blank unless you have apartment #)

City: El ibrahimia

Province: Alexandria

Zip code: (if your area uses a number for location)

Country: Egypt (have to make sure they will ship to your country, if they do then there should be a spot to write this in).