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Cupid Cleo

OK i need some help?

i have tried this a few times a few different ways

but i can’t seem to get it

solve this and show ur work so i can understand it too


Lt. Dan needs to get his 10 men across the river. But, if Dan is not there, the men will steal from eachother. the four Hank brothers will steal from the Three Trent brothers. The three trent brothers will steal from the 2 smiths or Hugo. the boat will hold 5 men at once

how can Dan get everyone accross the river? (without having people stealing) Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!

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Frank C

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First the good lieutenant should bring the trents and the hugos across. Then he should bring the trents back with him. He should bring the Hank brothers on his second trip across the river and return alone. Then finally he can bring the trents across once again.

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First boat, dan takes the 4 hanks, 2nd boat he takes the 3 trents and 1 smith( they can’t steal since he’s there, and he sends the smith back across the river with the boat to fetch his brother and hugo while he stays on the shore to watch the hanks and trents.