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math Help???

if S is the universal set and A and b are subsets of S, with n(s)=135, n(A)=72, n(AuB)=85, and n(AnB)=14, find the following:

n(A’) and n(B)

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You can do it yourself. Here’s how.

N(A’) + N(A) = N(S), because, in the Universe, everything is either a member of A, or of A’, but not both, just as everything is either alive or not alive, but not both. Thus, N(A’) + 72 = 135. Take it from there.

And N(A) + N(B) = N(A u B) + N(A n B), because if you add N(A) and N(B), you count the intersection twice, including the union, and the right-hand-side does the same thing. So 72 + N(B) = 85 + 14, or N(B) = ?

Good luck.


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n(A’)=(dont know)