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I need help with my Financial Accouting homework.?

Where I am going to school I am not at this time abale to spend much time with my teacher. I am wondering if anyone here is willing to email me @ [email protected]

I have some specific questions I need help with. I would be able to send you the actual homework questions. The questions are related to T charts.

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This is Jonathan Chan

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If you are looking for accounting homework help, maybe you can try this site: http://www.tuitionplaza.com/tutoring/homework_help.asp – homework help by retired teachers and volunteers (free)

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1) DR: A/R – 1,500 CR: Revenue – 1,500 You made a “sale” and are due money for the service already performed. 2) DR: Cash – 650 CR: Deferred Revenue (liability) You collected cash, but have not earned the revenue yet.