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Help is need for math?

What is the area in square feet, of the smallest square that can contain a cirlce with a radius of 8 feet?explain if can thank u very much!!

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well…if the radius of the circle is 8 feet, then the length of each side of the square has to be at least 8 feet!

8 times 8 (square feet) equals to 64 square feet

So the area of the smallest square that can contain a circle with a radius of 8 feet is 64 square feet.

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since the radius is 8 ft, the diameter is 16 feet (8*2). therefore the size of the square must be 16 too.

so the area = 16*16 = 256 ft square


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Radius = 8ft, then the diameter 2 x radius = 2 x 8ft = 16ft. The Circumference = pai (22/7 or 3.14). the area = 2 x diameter with pai (3.14) = 2 x 16 + 3.14 = 35.14 ft.