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hai guys can u please find for 1 essay titled ‘my mother’?

university standtard and got alot of adjectives

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James M

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My Mother:

No fairer woman was ever exhumed on the planet. Her pavlovian nature inspired us to come running at the dinner bell. Careworn and unobtrusive, her demeanor might have extrocated a flamboyant lifestyle, save for her scandalous talents, to the most noble of landowners and probuscus sellers. She stood against the wind in times of terror, for the wind, while resistive, bade past her in times of strife. This was good as her terminal flagglence impelled us to keep a safe distance in times of stress. Her smile, always kind, always noble, and in a state of generosity akin the many great spendthrifts of the nineteenth century, she did acustom herself to entertaining simultaneously for she was a woman of talent and fame.

A woman of incredible character, she never sullied or sought the wisdom of others. Her bubonic servitude of cataclysmic connumdrums inertly caused her lips to work their magic.

It was from such a situation as I was born, at an early age, into the arms of this woman, alone, invisible, with liberty, and just is for all, not just those seemingly unaware noxious libitardedly bodacious drones who would repeat what ever told them. My mother stood apart from them, with a candor and a trufflesque standing of high caliber, say a thirty ought six. With it, she often would command the truffles be handed over for it was her who would so often say, in her sweet and determined voice, ” you never have a gun when you need it.”