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What do i have to do to get Homeschooling in North Carolina?

i need to know what i have to do legally to have permission to do homeschooling and get involved with a legit homeschool

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Janis B

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To answer your question on getting started with home school, you need to send a request to NC Dept of non-public school with copy of proof of your parent/guardian’s graduation from high school. You need to have a name for your school and give them the date you will begin home schooling.

They do not require a certain curriculum.

The only cost will be your standardized test that they require. They will send you information on that with the packet they send you with your “Intent” notice.

Now, you mention ‘legit’ home school. Does that mean you want accredited distance learning or just want to make sure you are not in trouble for truancy?

Anyway, I hope this helps you.

I read some of your other questions and I am concerned about you. It may be that changing your school situations is not going to help your depression. You need to talk to your parents, trusted adult or counselor to help you through.

Home schooling helped my son with confidence issues. He has always been very social, but home school helped him to mature and gain confidence in his ability to learn.

Good luck to you.


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Janis B was right on with her info. The web site is www.ncdnpe.org. There you will find a place to print off the forms you will need to send in with your proof of graduation from at least high school, the name of your school, and your begin date. If you need other information, that site will tell you what it would be. They will send you an orange card that will be necessary when you check your child out of school so they do not count him/her as a dropout.

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