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what is the main difference between a regional and national accredited college and which is respected?

I am thinking about DeVry or Colorado tech online which are both regional. I am in the military so my options are limited to which college I can attend

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Logic would dictate that national accreditation is higher – logic is wrong here.

Regional accreditation (RA) is the highest level in the USA. National accreditation is recognized by the USDoE (and the military) but credit from an NA program generally won’t transfer to an RA program or qualify for graduate study. RA is always the way to go. RA with specialized program accreditation (such as AACSB) is even better.

Understand that there are still levels of respectability amongst regionally accredited colleges – Harvard University and University of Phoenix are both RA; they aren’t respected at the same level.

“I am in the military so my options are limited…” isn’t a valid statement. Because you are in the military and because the military has created Serviceman’s Opportunity College system and the Defense Activity for Nontraditional Education Support (DANTES) – and because you have that really sweet tuition assistance program; your options are better than most people’s.

There are 100s of colleges you can attend by DL with full military support. The list includes places like UMass, Webster, Park, UMaryland, Florida State, UFlorida, CalState, Excelsior, Thomas Edison, Charter Oak, East Carolina, 100s of colleges.

Visit the education support office at your post and ask about the many options available before you pick one youlike. Many that I’ve listed have a better reputation and cost less than your listed options of Devry and CTU. If you pick one that is a respected state U or well known private, you can transfer that credit out if you later decide you like somewhere else better.